Fire closes Foster Village Deli indefinitely

Fire closes Foster Village Deli indefinitely

Foster Village Kosher Deli in Bergenfield is not preparing for Passover. Instead, the restaurant, which opened in 1966, is closed indefinitely, damaged by a fire in an adjacent store, Foster Stationery. That store was gutted by the fire.

“There was a lot of smoke and water,” Tal Mizrahi, the manager of the family-owned business, said about the deli. “Right now we’re unable to open.”

16-3-L-FosterVillageSignMr. Mizrahi said he is still figuring out next steps, as he deals with the insurance. “We’re trying to find a temporary location so we can work on the catering orders that we have.

“It’s pretty devastating. We’re trying to keep our heads high, and hopefully we can rebuild,” he said.

He said it could be three months until the deli is ready to reopen.

“They need to test the building, make sure it’s structurally sound and safe to work in,” he said. “Then we can figure out what the next steps are.”

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