Festival of stock art delights

Festival of stock art delights

Say what you like about Chanukah’s outsized role on the American calendar as compared to more demanding holidays like Pesach and Sukkot, but Jewish professionals putting together holiday events at least have a wealth of stock photography to dig into to use on their advertising flyers.

But for better or for worse, many of the photographers contributing their work to stock photography sites like Pexels.com don’t always grasp the subtleties of the holiday. The result is visual equivalent of the Manischewitz matzah cartons included in the Chanukah displays at many American supermarkets. Herewith, some examples discovered by Seth Chalmer, communications director for Leading Edge, an organization devoted to increasing “the flow of high-quality talent to senior leadership positions at Jewish nonprofit organizations.” Captions are his.

Meanwhile, marketer Rachel Kenneth went shopping for Chanukah designs on the websites of Walmart, Nordstrom, Teepublic, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She found plenty of howlers. She posted them to her Facebook page. Here are some of them, with her annotations.


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