FDU’s yeshiva summer courses

FDU’s yeshiva summer courses

This summer, FDU again offers its yeshiva summer program. There will be six in-person classes during first session, all only for men, running from May 8 to July 3 and meeting two days a week at the Jewish Center of Teaneck. The classes will be in business, core and other requirements for FDU’s bachelor of arts in individualized studies degree. One of the classes is a career management seminar, taught by Professor Ira Jaskoll, the program’s director, for men looking for job placement. He will address such workplace issues as Shabbat, wearing a kippah, and eating in a nonkosher restaurant. The program also will offer four online classes, open to both men and women, during this session.

FDU also will offer four in-person and two on-line courses from July 5 to August 11, and will run another session, only in person, from August 8 to September 1. All in-person courses are only for men; in the fall, FDU plans to offer in-person classes in a new seminary program for women.

The three-credit courses, heavily subsidized and costing 50 percent of regular FDU tuition, are $1,750 each. For more information, email Professor Jaskoll at jaskoll@fdu or call him at (201) 692-2738.

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