Departure sparks federation shifts

Departure sparks federation shifts

'Million-dollar Matt' takes his leave

Matt Holland has moved on.

As the purchasing manager for the Kehillah Partnership of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey (JFNNJ), Holland helped 100 local institutions save a total of $1.4 million through centralized purchasing of electricity, services, and office supplies, among other things.

Now, he is starting work at Reflective Energy Solutions, which provides corporate clients with centralized purchasing for energy services.

“The federation was absolutely wonderful,” said Holland. “It was just one of those things – it was an opportunity and I had to take it.”

Holland was with JFNNJ for just over two years. It was his first experience working in the non-profit world – and he was surprised “just how well it was run as a business. That’s a credit to the leadership,” he said.

He said he was also impressed by JFNNJ’s lay leadership.

“They have just an unlimited care and they want to help the Jewish community. In events like Super Sunday and Mitzvah Day, you saw the core of the Jewish community.”

And while at some level the different schools, synagogues, and other institutions he helped were competing with each other for students and members, “they really wanted to work together. People wanted to learn what other people were doing.”

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