Dealing out dreidels

Dealing out dreidels

“I grew up playing with dreidels at Chanukah parties,” said Jennifer Rivlin Roberts, “and my husband Webb and I love to play poker.”

It is no surprise, then, that, during a six-hour drive home from a family visit in 2005, the Atlanta couple conceived a way to “make dreidels more fun” by combining the two games.

“When we got home we wrote the rules down,” said Roberts, adding that they introduced “No Limit Texas Dreidel” to friends and family at their next Chanukah party.

“Everybody loved it,” she said. “It’s much more complicated than dreidel, but less complicated than poker.”

In 2007, friends encouraged them to market the game, which is suitable both for adults and for children older than 9.

Last year, the couple sold 1,000 games through their retail outlet, This year, they’ve produced even more games, distributing thousands through retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, “which picked it up after the team of holiday buyers sat around and played it themselves.”

They are also offering the sets to Jewish nonprofit organizations “looking for a unique fund-raising opportunity.” According to Roberts, nonprofits can buy discounted tournament kits to use at fund-raisers and purchase additional sets on consignment to sell to members, keeping 40 percent of the proceeds.

“We still play it at our own parties,” said Roberts, who encourages players to use chocolate Chanukah gelt for wagers.

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