Composting in Jersey City

Composting in Jersey City

Congregation B’nai Jacob in Jersey City is one of nine sites for Jersey City’s citywide Green Initiative Composting Program. According to Rabbi Bronwen Mullin of B’nai Jacob, “If you’ve never composted before, it’s super easy, and now it’s hosted at our shul! Plus, it’s a great way to fulfill the mitzvah of shomer adamah,” protecting the earth.

The shul is at 176 West Side Ave., and the composting program there is closed on Fridays and Saturdays. In the program, participants recycle their food scraps to create compost. Composting is the controlled management of the decomposition of organic material so that it becomes a nutrient-rich soil enricher that helps plants thrive.

Jersey City launched its first composting efforts in 2018 with both residential compost drop-off and backyard composting programs. Jersey City residents can drop their food waste off daily. Things that can be composted include:

Greens: nitrogen-rich materials, including fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, egg shells, tea bags, and grass clippings. Browns: carbon-rich materials, including shredded newspaper, paper napkins, coffee filters, dried brown leaves, and cardboard, cut into smaller pieces.

Things that cannot be composted include food cooked in oil or grease; pet waste; animal products (cheese, milk, meat, fish, bones); barbeque ashes; anything with toxic pesticides or herbicides, all plastics, including “compostable” plastics as well as coffee cups, metal, and waxed cardboard.

For more information, email Rabbi Mullin at, call (201) 547-4632, or go to

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