Checking out the competition

Checking out the competition

I told you that I would keep you updated regarding the Frisch chess team and I intend to deliver on that promise. In the first round of the playoffs against Flatbush, Frisch won six match-ups and tied the seventh, eliminating Flatbush and advancing to the next round.

The match went smoothly for Frisch despite some clocks malfunctioning on several of the tables. One such player who suffered from this was Frisch’s Meir Genut. His table’s clock counted his own time but not his opponent’s. Fortunately, time did not play a major factor in the match as Genut continued his undefeated streak since joining the Yeshiva High School Chess League his freshman year.

Unlike his last game, Josh Block eased his way to victory, infusing my pretentious prediction last week with probability…three-peat.