By the numbers

By the numbers

As noted above, we are a minority community. At least, we think we are.

When it comes to being considered a minority on official records – governmental, financial, educational, and so on – there is no place on the form for “minority: Jewish.”

Latinos are a minority on such forms; 16 percent of Americans are Latinos. African-Americans are a minority; 12.9 percent of Americans are African-American. Asians are a minority; 4.6 percent of Americans are Asian.

Jews are not a minority; 2.1 percent of Americans are Jews.

Of course, it could be that we fall under the general category of “white,” which makes up 63.7 percent of the population (definitely not a minority), but just ask a white supremacist whether Jews are white. Consider this statement from one “majority” website: “The evidence is conclusive….Jews are not white.”

Policy makers, bankers, insurance executives, university registrars, human resources managers, please take note.