Brooklyn’s champion baby daddy

Brooklyn’s champion baby daddy

It’s a classic case of mixed naches.

The Nagels, a frum family in Brooklyn, saw the face of Ari, one of their seven children, plastered on the cover of the New York Post on Sunday.

The story was about how he gave them 22 grandchildren — through artificial insemination.

Nagel, 40, a math professor at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, offers his services to women who are looking to have a baby and cannot afford the expense of a sperm bank. “This isn’t time-consuming, and I’m doing it anyway,” he said of his trips to Target to produce the sperm. “It’s very easy for me to do.”

“I’m not doing it for easy action,” Nagel told the Post. “Isn’t that what Tinder is for?”

He told the Post that the free service and his high sperm count, as well as his good looks and attractive personality, are what make his sperm so popular.

“I just love seeing how happy the moms and kids are … That’s why I do this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” he told the Post.

He said he babysits for some of the kids and attends birthday parties, and was present at some of the deliveries.

The gift is not without its costs. Nagel has been sued for child support successfully five times, and he told the Post that half of his paycheck is garnished for child support. He also said that the women all promise that they won’t sue.

He has kids in Florida, Illinois, Virginia, Connecticut, and Israel. He said that he does not regret any of them.

“Financially, it’s bankrupted me, but I’m still very happy with the way things turned out,” he told the Post. “I got 22 million in the bank — in my kids.”

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