Bill Lippman

Bill Lippman

Mr. Dooley on why Jews are in business

Finley Peter Dunne

Writing in the Boston Globe (Nov. 16, 1902), Finley Peter Dunne (1867-1936) considered the question of Jews, money, and business – writing as his fictional Irishman, Mr. Dooley.

‘Tis ye’er idee that ivry Jew is a rich man. Maybe e’re right. Maybe all thim Jews that lives down in Canal sthreet, twinty in a room, is Rothschilds….

Th’ reason th’ Jews is all in business is because they’se nawthin’ else f’r them to do….

They cudden’t be sojers or pollyticians or lawyers or judges. But they’se wan pursoot where prejudice has no hand. Whin a man wants to borrow money he niver inquires about th’ charackter or religion iv th’ fellow he touches … and not paying money back to a Jew is Christyan varchue….

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