Big Lipowsky declares UN Security Council useless

Big Lipowsky declares UN Security Council useless

Yes, folks, you read it here first. The United Nations Security Council is officially a waste of space.

The council voted on new members today and now joining the body that’s supposed to be the highest ranking policy body in the world is Lebanon, a country that has an official terrorist group as part of its government. Since Hezbollah has a voice in Lebanese policy – a that voice tends to get violent when ignored – the terrorist organization responsible for numerous cross border attacks on Israel, launching hundreds if not thousands of rockets on Israeli civilians, and kidnapping and murdering innocent people now has a voice on the Security Council.

Not to mention that Hezbollah is still suspect in the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Just this past week, Lebanon stood in violation of UN Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 war with Israel, when a Hezbollah weapons cache exploded in the south. UNIFIL is supposed to be monitoring Hezbollah activity and now Hezbollah will essentially play a role in monitoring itself. We’ve seen how well that’s played out in the past.

And so, The Big Lipowsky has no choice but to declare the UN Security Council a useless organization, unworthy of passing judgment on others while its own members are state-sponsors of terrorism.

And no, I have not forgotten that Syria sat on the council just a few years ago. At least there a terrorist group is not an active part of the government, though. When the United Nations was formed, countries that wanted to join essentially had to join the Allied nations. They had to commit to those ideals of freedom and democracy. Now it is nothing more than a hive of hypocrisy run by thugs and dictators.

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