Answers his critics

Answers his critics

Mr. Braverman and others who responded to my letter do not regard a fact as a fact. The rate of unemployment is currently 10.2 percent, according to all sources. Some 25,000 persons in Washington last Thursday protesting the proposed health care plan was a figment of Mr. Haas’ imagination. Czars are not appointed legally, since no authorized branch of the government has vetted them – like Congress! While the president is playing basketball and golf, the men and women of our Armed Forces are dying. No previous president has moved so slowly confronting a war situation. What is more important?

I think getting people to work and safeguarding our nation are more important than health care!! The only hate involved in any public forum is that of one who hates what someone else believes because he or she differs in their point of view! By the way, check out the number of listeners Mr. Limbaugh and Mr. Beck are recorded to have by the radio industry. You’d be amazed. That is why they have enormous contracts. Why have Mr. Beck’s books topped the best-seller lists if no one reads them?

FactCheck personnel could not physically check the veracity of all that is on the Web, on the air, and on television!

The editor responds: This writer and others are under a misconception about the use of the word “czar” to refer to an administration official. It’s just media shorthand, and its usage, according to, “dates back at least to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, but the real heyday of the czar came during President George W. Bush’s administration. The appellation was so popular that several news organizations reported on the rise of the czar during the Bush years, including NPR, which ran a piece called ‘What’s With This Czar Talk?’ and Politico, which published an article on the evolution of the term. The latter, written during the 2008 presidential campaign, points out that czars are ‘really nothing new. They’ve long been employed in one form or another to tackle some of the nation’s highest-profile problems.”’ is an amazing resource for which we have the highest respect. To read a full discussion of “czarism,” go to