Answer the call; it really is for you

Answer the call; it really is for you

At 9:30 a.m. this Sunday, volunteers will begin a day-long effort to raise funds for the annual Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey campaign. At least, that is what they will tell you when they call. The truth is that they will be raising money for you and me.

JFNNJ funds are used to help pay for Jewish education at every level, from early childhood care, to lecture series for seniors. The funds help bring meals on wheels to shut-ins, and to keep long-term care centers operating for those who need it. The funds help train a new generation of Jewish leaders, and to advocate in the public sector regarding issues of concern to the community.

Choose an aspect of Jewish life in northern New Jersey, and JFNNJ is somewhere in the background helping to make it happen.

Federation, however, cannot answer our call for help if we fail to answer its call. On Super Sunday II, when the telephone rings, give generously. In a very real sense, you are giving the money to yourself.