Anniversary production of the “Dybbuk”

Anniversary production of the “Dybbuk”

The 100th anniversary bilingual streaming production of “The Dybbuk” by S. An-ski (Shloyme Zaynvl Rapoport), presented last month by Theater For The New City in association with New Yiddish Rep, is available through video-on-demand through January 31. It was performed at the theater on the play’s 100th anniversary, from December 9 to 13.

“The Dybbuk,” arguably the most well-known play in the Yiddish theater repertoire, was premiered on December 9, 1920 by the Vilna Troupe at the Eizeum theater in Warsaw. Its success catapulted that company onto the International stage. It since has been translated into 27 languages and performed worldwide.

The production is in English with some Yiddish. Subtitles are provided where appropriate. Running time is 75 minutes. Tickets are $5. To watch the edited version, go to

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