And now for something completely different

And now for something completely different

Our writers really cleaned up in the journalism prize department – see “Standard staffers and alums win awards” (July 3, page 10), and I am very proud of all of them.

Many of the awards were presented at the New Jersey Society of Professional Writers luncheon June 28, where in lieu of the usual speaker, a panel of journalists spoke about their online venture,

According to its Website, “On a cold winter’s day, Jan. 25, 2009, was founded when over 40 journalists came together at the Montclair Public Library and decided to create a news site – unlike any other – to address the growing journalism void. All we possessed was determination, experience and vision.

“Despite a lack of financial backing, we pushed forward and a unique news organization was born. Our news organization invites everyone to join the mission of telling stories important to the people of New Jersey. Tell stories that shine a light on the dark places. This is journalism not funded by or beholden to corporations or wealthy individuals. We aim for a balanced, insightful take on the news and our goal is to provide a fresh, independent voice.

“The majority of our founding journalists spent decades at The Star-Ledger of Newark. Combined, our experience adds up to over 1,000 years. We have won every award and distinction from the Pulitzer Prize to the New Jersey Press Association Journalist of the Year. Our contributing writers, driven by passion and purpose, contribute as volunteers who believe in the cause.” (There’s more, but you can read it yourselves.)

At any rate, one of our prize-winners, contributing editor Warren Boroson (full disclosure: my husband), has joined up. Many readers remember and miss his financial columns in The Record and then The Daily Record (two different papers; I know it’s confusing), and now they can find Boroson on Money weekly at

The first column has already been posted: