An artifact of 2020

An artifact of 2020

Last week, Joanne Palmer told the story of the massive effort underway to document the Jewish community’s response to the covid pandemic.

David Sellis, a recent graduate of Yeshiva College, is working with the YU covid archive. He recently shared a fascinating artifact of our times created by Brandeis Hillel to solve the problem of observant students unable to use the campus covid tracking app.

Here’s how Brandeis Hillel explained it:

We worked with the university to provide students with an easy way to comply with the Daily Health Assessment requirement, and honor Shabbat and Yom tov (holy days) through an innovative “Shabbat COVID Passport.”

Special Shabbat cards are available at both COVID testing sites on campus.

Before each Shabbat, get a card and write your name and the date of your last COVID test. You can then use the passport to get around campus on Shabbat without the need for any electronic device.

You will also want to login to your COVID Portal and click on Settings then View or update your campus schedule and then click “Shabbat Alternative.” You will only need to do this once, and you will not be out of compliance if your Daily Health Assessment is not completed on any Shabbat or yom tov.

Definitely an artifact for the history books.

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