An apology

An apology

We erred.

In our editorial in this week’s print edition, we noted that no “official representatives of the Orthodox community were present at” what amounted to a rally at Temple Beth El in Hackensack on the last night of Chanukah, called to protest the second act of vandalism to an area synagogue in 10 days.

While that is true, it implied two things: The first is that the RCBC and its membership were aware of that event. The second is that their absence also meant that they were silent about the vandalism against another segment of the community.

This last implication was compounded by our statement that it “is hard to escape the conclusion that the absence of Orthodox leaders from the Hackensack event had everything to do with the fact that neither synagogue [that had been vandalized] is Orthodox.”

This suggests to some, at least, that the Orthodox leadership in northern New Jersey has no problem with someone painting swastikas and other hateful symbols on the walls of non-Orthodox institutions.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

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