‘A common language’

‘A common language’

I enjoyed reading the Nov. 26 article “Cantors Sing in Rome,” by Ruth Ellen Gruber.

How wonderful that the concert, organized by the New York-based Interreligious Information Center, was presented for the very first-time ever at the Basilica of Santa Marie degli Angeli e dei Martiri. This historic event, for a greater understanding between Catholics and Jews, had to be the most incredible experience for the cantors representing the United States of America.

I was thrilled to learn that among the 20 Reform cantors chosen to sing at the basilica and to have an audience with Pope Benedict XVI was Cantor Kerith Spencer-Shapiro of my temple, Adas Emuno, in Leonia. What a memorable event for our cantor to share her beautiful soprano voice and our liturgical traditions at the Vatican.

Music gives all of us a common language and makes us all one in the world. One doesn’t have to understand the language of the lyrics. Music connects people, it expresses feelings, and even relieves stress. In the beautiful cantorial music one can hear sorrow and happiness in the voices to the beat of the music. I can’t imagine a world without music.