About that vote

About that vote

We understand how people feel. Elections these days seem to be about voting for the least offensive candidate rather than the best qualified one; the lesser of two evils, rather than the best of the brightest.

We have become jaded by the poisonous political atmosphere of campaigns; by promises never meant to be kept; by politicians passing one set of laws for us and one set for themselves; by partisan bickering as the house is burning down.

The chosen solution of a majority of Americans, it seems, is to stay home on election day – primary or general, they are both the same.

That is the wrong solution. If we are to effect change, then we must be involved in the political process. We must not keep politics at arm’s length. We need to embrace it with both hands and hold it close to us as the precious thing it is.

We get to choose between the lesser of two evils only when we cede the decisions about who will run to others.

The best place to “take back America” is at the polls and the best way to vote is to study the issues and the candidates – and stop listening to spin doctors and entertainers disguised as talk show hosts.

Vote on Tuesday and vote intelligently.