A ‘seven-step program’ for youths

A ‘seven-step program’ for youths

Tips for parents

“¢ Minimize your personal reaction when your child complains of mistreatment by peers. Listen attentively and sympathetically; then begin brainstorming coping strategies.

“¢ Encourage your child verbally rather than resorting to reward and punishment.

“¢ Note even minor improvements in your child’s personal conduct and express your appreciation for them.

“¢ Tone down. When discussing difficult circumstances, try to use a soft, unhurried voice. Avoid speaking to children when you are angry or when your child is angry.

“¢ Support your child’s efforts at becoming independent. Slowly get used to the fact that it is his or her life. Treat setbacks as milestones on the road to success.

“¢ Consistently follow your routines, rules and guidelines.

“¢ Hillel was perhaps the most patient of all men. Was he as patient as an 8-year-old as he was when he was 50? Be patient with your child and give him time to grow.

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