A serious and brooding film

A serious and brooding film

I mentioned in an earlier posting that while we were away we saw an Israeli movie called “Out of Sight.”

It was not at all what we had expected. Directed by Daniel Syrkin and with an accomplished cast, it was a “small” movie, about the interactions and lack of them within people who mostly care about each other.

Not a soldier or a war was in sight, although there was plenty of suffering – suffering that the characters were mainly oblivious to, until the blind protagonist Ya’ara (beautifully portrayed by Tali Sharon) uncovers the mystery of her sighted best friend’s suicide.

The film was made in 2006, and its central mystery, though devastating to the characters, has somewhat lost its power to shock. But it is still worth viewing – and it shows that Israeli families are like families all over the world, for better or worse.

A word of warning, however: This is a serious, brooding film with damaged sexuality at its center – not for children.