A ‘nosh quote’?

A ‘nosh quote’?

Readers of the print version of The Jewish Standard may have noticed something we call a “nosh quote.” It’s at the top of our “celebrity Jews” page called “Noshes.” (We don’t put it on the site; it’s only for subscribers. To subscribe, call 201-837-8818 or click where shown on this site’s home page.)

We scour the Internet and print publications for an interesting, timely quotation that is, preferably, light.

I won’t be in the office this week, but I’ve found one, in the current Moment magazine, that might do – and it’s really about noshing.

In an article called “The Mostly Sweet Tale of Jews and Chocolate,” Nonna Gorilovskaya writes, “One center of Jewish chocolate-making was Bayonne [France], where, as the legend goes, Jewish settlers managed to convince church authorities that chocolate was ‘kosher’ for Lent.”

The crew at the Standard may very well find something better, but probably not sweeter….

This post is dedicated to you-know-who, a true chocoholic.