A magical Sabbath lamp

A magical Sabbath lamp

Once upon a time, when I did not want to switch a lamp off on Shabbat, I used to read in bed on Friday nights by the light of a closet light I left on. If I wanted to fall asleep and the light was too bright, I simply would close the closet door.

Then along came a magical invention — a lamp with a low-wattage florescent bulb that could be dimmed by moving an opaque shade into place. The manufacturer, Kosher Innovations, dubbed it the KosherLamp.

Over the years, the simple lamp has multiplied into a variety of styles and colors and even a portable travel versions.

The newest incarnation of the KosherLamp, however, has us blinking in disbelief.

It’s the Mushroom KosherLamp, introduced as “The KosherLamp for Kids.”

All the KosherLamps work because you can cover or expose the 13-watt bulb, enabling it to shed no light or to light up the room.

The Mushroom KosherLamp is marketed on Kosher Innovations’ website with a smiling cartoon character, “Moshe Room.”

The lamp is red with white spots, and as Kosher Innovations helpfully explained, it is modeled after the amanita muscaria mushroom, also called the fly agaric.

Which happens to be a very psychedelic mushroom.

Then again, how better to take a trip on Shabbat if you can’t drive a car? And is there a better time to take mind-altering drugs than on a day when you’re not operating heavy machinery?


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