A kosher night of delight

A kosher night of delight

Mourning the 'ambassador' of Israeli wine

There was a tinge of sadness in the air at this year’s Kosher Food and Wine Experience as the wine world mourned the death of renowned Israeli wine critic Daniel Rogov, who signed copies of his famous “Rogov’s Guide to Israeli Wines” at KFWE in 2009.

In the 1980s, Rogov told The Jewish Standard during that signing, Israelis began going abroad in large numbers and they sampled wines from California, France, and other wine powerhouses.

“They came to realize that wine was not just something to do for kiddush – that wine was part of a cultured, civilized lifestyle,” Rogov said. “They came back to Israel and they were looking for good wines, of which there were none at that time.”

“His vision was vital in changing how the world sees Israeli wines,” said Mordy Herzog, vice president of Royal Wine. “He really was a great ambassador to the rest of the world, not only to the Israeli public. If one man is going to be credited [for the evolution of Israeli wine], it’s probably going to be him.”

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