A Haggadah to remember

A Haggadah to remember

Somehow, between Passover preparation and tax preparations, we never got around to writing about an exciting new Haggadah series out of Israel.

The Asufa Haggadah was published first in 2013. Each year, its editor commissions different artists to illustrate a two-page spread of the traditional text.

These pictures are from the 2016 edition, illustrating the opening passages on the removal of chametz, and are by Lilach Ramati. (Not only is this probably the first Haggadah to show computers in the illustrations; it is also probably the first to include its artists’ websites.)

This year, the publishers put out a version in English and Hebrew, featuring some of the best pictures from the Hebrew-only editions. With next year’s seders barely a year away, you can order it from the creative people at Print-O-Craft productions at this charming web address: http://shabb.es.

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