Seder time and the shopping is easy

Seder time and the shopping is easy

Snapshots from select shelves we've seen

As you read this, the Pesach shopping season is over. You may already have held a seder or two.

So we’re sorry if you heart breaks when you see these pictures of Passover convenience foods you might not have had the chance to buy this year.

Forget the all-in-one-container seder plate fixings (egg, shank bone, maror, etc. ) which surprised our correspondent so much that she was too overcome to snap a clear picture.

03-5-L-lettuce-CgSJ5RxUAAI9w2KWhat about this single-serving piece of romaine lettuce for maror? Certified bug-free. And implicitly guaranteed to be a “kezayis” — literally, the olive size required by the Talmud, but understood to be several square inches of lettuce. (We are, though, a bit concerned that the mashgiach isn’t said to have measured it himself.)

03-4-L-salt-water-13006591_702021259940155_2303118158053714310_nWe admire the initiative of selling pre-prepared salt water. And certainly the pre-peeled hardboiled eggs save time.

And the kosher for Passover toilet paper? All we can say is: It’s about time.

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