Women’s body removed from car in Passaic River

Women’s body removed from car in Passaic River

Orthodox community mourns as Devorah Stubin is buried

On Sunday afternoon, Devorah Stubin of Passaic, 22, was buried in Clifton. Hundreds of members of the Orthodox community came together for her funeral.

Devorah Stubin
Devorah Stubin

Ms. Stubin’s father reported her missing after midnight on Friday morning. She had left the house at 8:30 p.m. Thursday to pick up her brother and was stopped 10 minutes later by police in Maywood for driving without headlights. Her parents picked up her brother, at her request, following the traffic stop.

Dozens of volunteers from the Orthodox communities in Passaic and Clifton broke Shabbat and joined search and rescue teams from many local municipalities as they looked for Ms. Stubin. The effort began on Friday night and continued into Saturday. On Saturday night, a car registered to Ms. Stubin was pulled from the Passaic River in Wallington, near where she lived.

The car appeared to have plowed through a fence near the river and gone down a steep embankment into about 10 feet of water.

Ms. Stubin reportedly suffered from a seizure disorder.

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