Where no art has gone before

Where no art has gone before

A couple of months ago, we were quite thrilled to spend 15 minutes on the phone interviewing William Shatner. So we can only imagine how Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik felt when he got to meet Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk face to face.

The reason for the encounter: Mr. Brynjegard-Bialik presented Mr. Shatner with a work of art that the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland had commissioned from him as a tribute to the actor.

Mr. Brynjegard-Bialik’s art combines two Jewish media — paper cutting and comic books. Cut paper provide the shapes; comic panels provide the color and texture.

The work created for Mr. Shatner is called “To Boldly Go” and juxtaposes the Star Trek motto with God’s command to Abraham — “Lech L’cha,” — to go forth to Canaan. The cut paper shows Abraham, Sarah, and six camels, beneath the Vasquez Rocks, a California landscape where many Star Trek episodes were filmed. The work has speech bubbles from Star Trek related to the message of “Lech L’cha.”

Though Mr. Shatner has the original, prints are available through the artist’s website at nicejewishartist.com. We’d have ordered one for ourselves by now, but we are deliberating whether to buy it or “Live Long and Prosper,” the Spock-themed composition that sparked this commission. Or maybe the superhero- and kabbalah-focused “Tree of Life.”


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