Watermelon Moscato is a good drink for the holidays

Watermelon Moscato is a good drink for the holidays

MYX Beverages LLC, distributed by Royal Wine Corporation, offers a full range of fruit-infused Moscato wines — including fresh peach, mango, coconut, and summer-inspired watermelon in single-serve and full-size bottles; sangrias (classic and tropical); concord wine, and light wine (rose and chardonnay). All wines are created from top-quality imported wines from Australia, Spain, Italy, and Argentina. MYX Fusions Watermelon Moscato is a light, refreshing, and real-fruit infused Italian Moscato that’s perfect for holiday entertaining; it’s sold in single-serve and full-size bottles. Crafted from Gordo Australian Moscato grapes, it’s gluten-free, and OU Kosher-certified. It goes with fish, chicken, seafood, duck, and vegetables and is also a companion for your favorite ice cream, cookies, and cakes.

“We’re excited to offer consumers this appealing new option and can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holidays,” said Michael Sylvester, MYX’s senior vice president of sales, said. “We anticipate a successful rollout and strong, sustained sales thanks to our supportive wholesaler network and national sales team, Royal Wine Corporation.” MYX Fusions continues to build on its reputation for revolutionizing the wine industry, with new lower-calorie and low-alcohol wines. Myx Fusion Beverage Co. was started by Nicki Minaj.

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