To dis a sis, a llama with yarmulke

To dis a sis, a llama with yarmulke

Mendl Weinstock wasn’t kidding.

Five years ago, he promised his older sister Riva that he would bring a llama to her wedding. She wasn’t even dating anyone then. But given how often she talked about getting married, it seemed to him that a llittle teasing was in order.

Or rather, a llot of teasing.

That lled to an attempt at reverse psychology on Riva’s part.

“OK, the llama is invited to the wedding,” she finally told him, according to an account in Insider.

And sure enough, when the wedding happened llast Sunday — in Cleveland, where the Weinstocks live — Mendl arrived. So did Shocky the llama. And in tux and kipa, which Mendl had custom crafted for the occasion.

Mendl rented Shocky from a nearby llama farm.

“He has been torturing me with this, in good fun, and has been reminding me of this probably twice a week for the last five years,” Riva told Insider. “I have tried striking so many deals, I have tried doing literally everything possible to make sure it didn’t happen, and lo and behold, there was a llama at my wedding.”

A photo of brother and sister near the animal shows Mendl smiling in Riva’s direction while placing his left hand on the llama. Riva looks at him angrily. The llama is the only subject facing the camera.

The photo received more than 156,000 interactions on Reddit and attracted more than 3,600 comments.

Asked why she thought the photo went viral, Riva said: “I think it’s my facial expression, because I really don’t look particularly thrilled with the situation, but I think that’s what got people’s attention. That was my face from the moment I walked outside, and it was completely intentional. That’s pretty much my face constantly when I look at my brother.

“He better sleep with one eye open, because I will definitely be exacting some revenge,” she added.

Llamas at weddings are apparently something of a trend, as Instagram accounts like @weddingllamas attest.

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