Tnuva’s kosher for Passover products

Tnuva’s kosher for Passover products

TnuvaUSA offers an assortment of kosher for Passover, non-kitniyot dairy products and cheeses available in supermarkets and grocery outlets throughout North America.

Tnuva’s products include an assortment of cheeses like the hard cheese, gourmet, Mediterranean, and soft cheese collections, as well as cheese spreads. There is also butter (salted and unsalted) as well as Tnuva’s best-selling kosher for Pesach pudding snacks, made with 100% real milk, no preservatives, and 0% trans-fat. Puddings are available in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla, and chocolate and vanilla mousse.

Tnuva’s kosher for Passover products hold the strictest kashrut standards bestowed by Tnuva’s Vaad Mehadrin and the Orthodox Union in addition to the strict supervision of Chug Chatam Sofer of Bnei Brak. To find out where Tnuva products are sold in the area, click on the store locator icon on the Tnuva website,