The Jewiest game of 2019?

The Jewiest game of 2019?

“A bagel is a Jew’s best friend,” said, well, no one ever. In fact, it’s not really the Jewiest of bread products (that would be matzah) or the second (braided challah, of course). Nonetheless, the association between bagels and Jews is a strong one, which makes the game of “Beagle or Bagel” a natural for your Chanukah shopping list.

The game, for two to six players aged seven and up, “will test your ability to tell curled-up little dogs and tasty baked goods.  The first one to correctly call out ‘beagle’ or ‘bagel’ gets a point, and the most points win!”

The game does not appear to be affiliated with the Beagle Bagel Cafe, which serves bagels and chicken salad in Jackson, Mississippi.


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