The CPA who helped turn a hospital around

The CPA who helped turn a hospital around

What Nadel's colleagues say...

Douglas Duchak, president and CEO: “I’ve dealt with board members for 35 years and I’m continually amazed at how energetic Jay is. I have never encountered anyone else with his energy – and his passion for Englewood Hospital.

“Jay has also brought an awareness to the board and the medical staff of the important role that philanthropy can play.

“I would add that he has a very engaging persona: He walks into a room, and you notice.”

Richard Kurtz, chairman of the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Foundation: “Jay is an unusual person. Very aggressive and very fair. He thinks evenly, with a great deal of common sense. He delved into the business side of the hospital and raised the assets and lowered the liabilities.

“Other board chairmen still ran their own businesses, but Jay had retired – and the hospital became his chief business. He’s spent an enormous amount of time on the hospital, and now knows every nook and cranny.”

Aryeh Shander, chief of anesthesiology and critical care medicine: Jay Nadel helped spread the word that Englewood Hospital is “a high-quality institution, one of the tops in the country.” He also succeeded in giving the hospital fiscal stability. With regard to the nurses’ strike a few years ago, Nadel helped negotiate a fair compromise.

His strengths: Paying attention to details. Almost boundless energy. “Using a lot of personal time to make sure the hospital is run well and recognized.”

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