The CPA who helped turn a hospital around

The CPA who helped turn a hospital around

The hospital and the Jewish community

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center offers services and amenities to serve the religious needs of the Orthodox/observant Jewish community during any hospital stay, according to Jay Nadel, the chairman of its board.

Some of these amenities include

“¢ access to Jewish chaplaincy

“¢ a liaison person

“¢ a Sabbath elevator

“¢ a stocked kosher kitchen,

“¢ hot kosher food vending and
glatt kosher meals in the cafeteria,

“¢ a Sabbath hospitality room.

Jewish holidays are also observed through appropriate ceremonies, patient visitation, and televised (closed-circuit) services.

For information about the program, call the Jewish community liaison, Rachel Dube, at (201) 894-3911 or ext. 3911 from within the medical center. For Jewish chaplaincy, call (201) 894-3228, or ext. 3228 when in the hospital.

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