Teaneck shul unites community for book Shabbaton

Teaneck shul unites community for book Shabbaton

Temple Emeth invites the community to its “One Book, One Synagogue Shabbaton” on Saturday, January 7, to explore the themes of “The Book of Lost Names” by Kristen Harmel. The program will be both in person and on Zoom.

At 9 a.m., a Torah study session will focus on “The Bible of Lost Names,” looking at several biblical characters who have many names, within the Bible or rabbinic literature. At 10:30, during the service, which also will be livestreamed, Rabbi Steven Sirbu will incorporate the themes of the book and read from Parashat Vayechi, the last portion of Genesis, which calls the third patriarch both Jacob and Israel. At 12:45, Emeth will show the film “Valiant Hearts.” The 2021 movie, directed by Mona Achache, is about children who took refuge in a French castle that also shielded valuable works of art during World War II. For information email smercado@emeth.org

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