Synagogue volunteers host homeless Rockland residents

Synagogue volunteers host homeless Rockland residents

Members of Montebello Jewish Center opened their synagogue this month to feed and shelter homeless Rockland County residents. Partnering with Helping Hands for the Homeless of Rockland County, MJC was one of the Safe Havens for the 2015-2016 season. The JCC Rockland Teen Leadership Initiative also financially supported the undertaking. MJC volunteers cooked and served meals and made the synagogue comfortable for guests to sleep on March 6, 7, and 8.

“Montebello Jewish Center models itself after the kindness of our ancestors Abraham and Sarah who opened their homes to strangers and fed the less fortunate out of a sense of obligation to take care of one another,” the synagogue’s rabbi, Adam Baldachin, said. “Helping Hands is an extension of that vision in our lives.”

Elaine Allinson, coordinator of the MJC Helping Hands program, added, “Congregations like MJC and other communities of faith have generously supported the Safe Haven program for the past 10 years. These congregations have provided over 4,600 nutritious meals and overnight stays to serve the homeless residents of Rockland County.”

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