So which one is which?

So which one is which?

As the new, post-Abraham Accords Middle East shakes out, we are seeing a stream of diplomatic visits between representatives of Israel and Arab states. They feature lower-level participants than the first meetings, which joined the history books alongside Anwar Sadat’s 1977 visit to Jerusalem, and perhaps they are more important for all their boring regularity.

Still, a diplomatic visit to Morocco last week stands out, and not only for the sartorial contrast between the Moroccan government official wearing what we think of Israeli formal — a jacket without a tie — and the visiting Israeli official wearing Israeli casual — a gray tee-shirt.

Makes sense so far, right?

But as Israel journalist Noga Tarnoposky pointed out when she tweeted the photo, the fascinating piece of this meeting between an advisor to Moroccan King Mohammed VI and the Israeli minister for regional affairs is that the Moroccan, André Azoulay, is Jewish, while the Israeli, Esawi Frej, who served in the Knesset with the Meretz party, is Muslim.

Go know!

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