So many topics, so little time

So many topics, so little time

Greetings. There are some weeks when the topic of my column comes very easily for me and then there are weeks when I have absolutely no idea how to narrow it down. This is one of those weeks.

We have the obvious choices — the Queen, the upcoming holidays, people who disappoint you, food — really the possibilities are endless, perhaps that is why I am having a hard time narrowing it down. I could write about Strudel again, but sometimes I feel badly doing that when I know there are people who don’t have a Strudel and might want one. I will share one Strudel story with you. You know that your grandchild has been spending too much time with you when, as she pulls herself up to stand, she makes the same noise that you do when you stand up. It is very funny to hear and watch her do it, but I should probably stop doing it so she knows it isn’t normal…at least not for a 15 month old.

I also have started blowing the shofar to her; yes, my dad taught me how to blow a shofar. I want to put her in the holiday spirit. She can’t quite decide if she likes it or not. She once picked it up and made a cute little face like she was going to let out a “tekiah,” and other times I think she is afraid of it. But still adorable. Ok, that is my Strudel time for this week.

The Queen. The end of an era. When you think about it, she did have a really good run. I just always admired that she was a normal weight and that no one ever discussed her weight. How is that possible? The media tears apart this one and that one for what they look like, but it was never an issue with the Queen. If you look at the pictures, she mostly wears the same classic pearl and diamond earrings in almost every photo. Her brooches seem to change, but rarely the earrings. This is the Queen of England — do you know how many pairs of earrings that woman must have had? And yet she kept it classy. Though I believe that every woman deserves a tiara whether she is royalty or not. I used to wear one when I cleaned the house. My family thought I was nuts, but that was nothing new. Wearing a tiara just makes you feel better.

I have been listening to the news, since I have shared with you that I will not be listening to music for the year, and they have been going on about the Queen’s “final journey.” There seem to be several stops and ceremonies before she is buried. Since I just sat shiva a few weeks ago, I have been thinking a lot about Prince Charles and what this all must be like for him. Going on planes from Scotland to England, or whatever the itinerary, it still has to be a lot for him. Speaking to large crowds. Walking for miles behind his mom’s casket. And he is no spring chicken himself. And with all of the perks of being royalty, he still lost his mom (and his dad not so long ago).

Without getting too philosophical, death is the great equalizer. No matter how much money you have, how thin or fat you are, where you come from — we all die. The ground is the same for everyone. Hold it, this is supposed to be a humor column. Sorry. Next topic. I guess with the Jewish holidays almost upon us, it is easy to get a little philosophical.

Yes folks, another Jewish New Year is almost upon us. Resolutions for the Jewish New Year always seem to be different than for the secular new year. Unless that is just me. Before Rosh Hashanah, I never get out my journal and write new year’s resolutions that I manage to keep for only a few hours. My Oreos are probably happy to know that I do take it a little more seriously than I do other things. Resolving to try to be a better person. To think the best of others, even when it is sooooo very hard to do. This year has been quite interesting, to say the least, filled with very bad and very good things.

And next year? Who knows. Here’s hoping it is only filled with very good things for all of us.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck is hoping that next week’s column will be a little less scattered.

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