See under “schach”

See under “schach”

Jewish educator Lex Rofeberg called it “The most interesting wikipedia disambiguation page I have ever seen,” and it’s hard to argue with that statement.

(Though it’s possible to argue with the underlying Wikipedia data — it turns out that at least according to the far more thorough German edition of Wikipedia, Gerhard Schach, who served as deputy to Joseph Goebbels, actually died in April 1945.)

In any event, we’d like to imagine this as the prompt for a short one-act play: Rabbi Elazar Schach, who escaped from Lithuania to Palestine in 1940 and went on to lead the Israeli charedi community until his death at age 102, sitting in a sukkah and facing off across a chess board against a Nazi six years his junior who died in the final battle of the Third Reich.

What would they say to each other?

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