School to honor Hoboken native

School to honor Hoboken native

Naomi Schubin Greenberg of Long Island will be honored at her grandchildren’s school in Lakewood.

Naomi and her parents, William and Edith Schubin, lived over their store, the Hoboken Economy Store, at 516 Washington St. The Schubins were honored by many Jewish organizations in Hoboken, including Histadrut, United Synagogue of Hoboken (he was its longtime president), Jewish War Veterans, and Israel Bonds. Naomi donated all her parents’ plaques to the Hoboken Historical Museum in their memory.

Naomi and her husband have followed in her parents’ footsteps. They have been recognized by the Young Israel of West Hempstead, Yeshiva University, the Long Island Committee for Soviet Jewry, the Joint Distribution Committee (for which they were year-long volunteers in Italy for the Jewish Service Corps), and their children’s school, the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County. They now are reaching a new generational milestone by being honored at their grandchildren’s school, Yeshivas Chemdas HaTorah of Lakewood, on January 25.

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