Safety, revisited

Safety, revisited

The ABCs of safety

Editor’s note: Debbie Fox, a licensed social worker and director of Child and Family Services at Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles shared these suggestions about child safety with The Jewish Standard.

A – Action: Be active parents. Use community organizations or appropriate books to educate you in detail about the many ways to keep your children safe.

B – Bring friends. It takes a community to create safety for our children. Make sure that your schools and camps have policies and safety programs for teachers, parents, and children.

C – Check First. Supervise your children at home, in shul, and in any large community setting. Do not send them off to play unsupervised – check on them.

D – Do tell. 1. Talk openly and calmly to your children about safety and use windows of opportunity and life experiences to educate them. 2.If you suspect there might be something happening or someone inappropriate in your child’s world, actively deal with it immediately. Most important: Teach your children that no matter what happens they can turn to you and trust you and you will listen and protect them.

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