Pre-Pesach food challenge in Teaneck

Pre-Pesach food challenge in Teaneck

Corned beef and pastrami will challenge General Tso and Peking duck for the annual pre-Passover food challenge between Noah’s Ark and Shelly’s and Chopstix. All three Teaneck restaurants donate to the town’s Helping Hands Food Pantry.

Each year customers vie for the biggest donations to help their neighbors, while supporting the local food bank.

“Last year’s challenge realized over 400 bags of cereal, pancake mix, flour, tuna, ketchup, diapers, and toiletries, just as supplies were low and they were most in need” Elie Katz of Chopstix said. “Noam” — that’s Noam Sokolow of Noah’s Ark and Shelly’s — “helps store the food and delivers the food bags to the pantry with his staff and catering truck.”

This year’s contest runs through April 20. Drop off unopened non-perishable food and toiletries at Chopstix, 172 West Englewood Ave., Noah’s Ark, 493 Cedar Lane, and Shelly’s Dairy Restaurant, 482 Cedar Lane, all in Teaneck.

Last year, Noah’s Ark won the contest.

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