Our wish for 5772

Our wish for 5772

No matter how difficult things get, the one thing we all should be able to count on are our friends and our community. The Jewish Standard is blessed to be a vital part of this community and to have such a loyal following.

At times, we bring smiles to readers’ faces. At times, we irk some people and please others. At times, we inform; at others, we entertain.

Whatever we do, however, we do with you in mind. Our job is to deliver news you may not be able to get elsewhere, disparate views you may not be aware of (or agree with), announcements of events and life cycle milestones you may want to know about.

To fulfill our mandate requires the hard work of a marvelous group of people – our staff and contributors. To them, and to you, may 5772 be a year of peace and well-being. Shanah tovah.