Myths and memes on the Middle East

Myths and memes on the Middle East

The backstory is convoluted, as is often the case in comic book mythology. Briefly, though, the title character of “Angela, Queen Of Hel,” meets her long-dead grandfather, Bor, father of Odin.

03-2-L-IMG_00631-600x555Bor turns out to be “a deeply unpleasant individual,” in the words of’s Rich Johnston, so rather than transcribe his dialogue, the comic book blacks out the actual words and instead puts a summary in brackets. Such as: “[A LOT OF MISOGYNIST FILTH]”

And in the speech balloon of interest to this page, “[UNSOLICITED OPINIONS ON ISRAEL???]”


Okay, we’re not exactly sure what to make of it.

But comic books fans with time on their hands knew what to make of it: a series of memes in which “unsolicited opinions on Israel” play a key role in comic book events.

Just for the record, Professor X and Bane: Whether you’re a superhero or a supervillain or even a cranky Norse god, we want to know what you think about Israel. Consider your opinions hereby solicited.


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