Ma’ayanot celebrating 20 years

Ma’ayanot celebrating 20 years

Ria and Tim Levart, left, Rabbi Mark and Chumi Gottlieb, Shera and Doug Dubitsky, and Dr. Julie Goldstein
Ria and Tim Levart, left, Rabbi Mark and Chumi Gottlieb, Shera and Doug Dubitsky, and Dr. Julie Goldstein

Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls invites the community to mark the school’s 20th anniversary at its annual dinner on Saturday, March 5, at 8:30 p.m. at Congregation Keter Torah in Teaneck.

This year’s dinner is dedicated to the memory of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, Ma’ayanot’s posek (rabbinic authority) from the school’s inception. Honorees include Ria and Tim Levart, who are the Keter Shem Tov awardees; Chumi and Rabbi Mark Gottlieb, the Amudei Ma’ayanot honorees; Shera and Doug Dubitsky, Parents of the Year; and Dr. Julie Goldstein, Teacher of the Year.

The Levarts are being honored for their commitment to Ma’ayanot’s mission, growth, and success, including a recently established legacy gift.  In addition, Mrs. Levart has been a member of the school’s executive board, board of trustees, and education committee, and she is a founding chair of its adult education committee. She also was on the assistant principal search and board nominating committees.

The Gottliebs are being honored for the many significant ways they have contributed to life at Ma’ayanot. Ms. Gottlieb has been on the board of directors and many parent committees, including the school’s recruitment and open house committees. Rabbi Gottlieb has worked closely with the administration, first as a member and then as chair of the education committee.

The Dubitskys are being honored for their devotion to enhancing Ma’ayanot’s academic community. In addition to working on school recruitment events, Ms. Dubitsky has consulted on curriculum development for teenage issues.  Mr. Dubitsky has been on committees including the school’s dinner fundraising committee.

Dr. Julie Goldstein is the school’s Jewish history chair and senior grade encounter coordinator.

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