Life in the time of Covid-19

Life in the time of Covid-19

My Covid-19 diary is likely to be extremely short because everything I do has been canceled.


Write for this paper. Community activities have been postponed so half our content is being held hostage.

Sing at nursing homes and assisted living facilities – doors shut, no visitors allowed.

Volunteer at the Adler Aphasia Center – closed.

Attend synagogue services and activities – nope.

Shop for Pesach – online (actually, that’s pretty cool).

Attend IND classes – canceled.

Not being particularly good at sitting home, I’m working on coping strategies, which I’m happy to share. But first, I need to set my children straight: 71 is not elderly. And being pre-diabetic (I eat too much chocolate) does not indicate a serious pre-existing condition. Nor am I being deliberately foolhardy. I’m just taking some time to adjust to the new normal.

Post C-19

Plan 1. Schedule my trainer later in the day so I can get more sleep. (Feel free to climb back into bed later in the day as well.) (Except update – No. Never mind. My trainer has cancelled until further notice.)

Plan 2. Blame everything that goes wrong on the coronavirus. (Sorry Joanne, I was just sooo tired.)

Plan 3. Work on a jigsaw puzzle. Warning: this may backfire. If you’re doing it to relax and then find that your 1000-piece puzzle only has 999 components, you may choose either to despair or to buy a cheap puzzle at the dollar store and cannibalize one piece. And then, when you mount the resulting masterpiece on poster board and it falls down and breaks apart, once again, you may find after putting it back together that it’s now missing 3 pieces — so you wonder why you ever started this fakakta puzzle in the first place.

Plan 4. Sing a lot. But don’t mistake liking a song for being able to sing it. Especially avoid Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive.”

Plan 5. Read books in advance for your book club. No downside, but you may also want to dig into those lightweight murder mysteries you’ve been hoarding.

Plan 6. Don’t bother planning. Life has a way of confounding our expectations.

I suspect that at some point humor will be inappropriate. But it’s served us well in the past, so let’s give it a try. Anyone have any good ideas?

Lois Goldrich of Fair Lawn is a longtime writer and former editor of the Jewish Standard.

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