The RCBC responds

The Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (RCBC) would like to correct the record in light of Shammai Engelmayer’s July 15 column, “When being right is wrong: Local ban on Israeli produce.” The RCBC has no policy prohibiting produce from Israel. Halachic intricacies posed by Israeli produce demand far greater supervision than what many establishments can practically maintain.

As such, our policies are consistent with industry-wide kashrut practices across North America regarding produce from Israel.

RCBC rabbis are vigorous supporters of the State of Israel and encourage our synagogue members to support Israel and her economy. The mere mention of the BDS movement in a discussion of RCBC practices is wholly irrational and offensive.

Rabbi Chaim Poupko, President
Rabbi Larry Rothwachs, Vice-President
Rabbi Ari Zahtz, Vice-President for Kashrut
Rabbinical Council of Bergen County
Thoughts on Tisha B’Av

Why do we mourn a building?

God enabled the fall of two temples. Don’t you think God had a reason? We Hebrews asked for a temple like all the other nations and religions of the time possessed. God gave it a try and the idea was a negative. We asked for kings and God saw that that was a negative.

Why mourn something that God found necessary to terminate? Let us not get caught up in memories of what was. Let us rise and work toward what should be! Our Ten Commandments should lead us in the right direction.

Shel Haas
Fort Lee

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