alling all Fair Lawn “brunchies”

At one time, the “brunchies” were active, and we met at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center. At the request of some former members who are seeking more enjoyment and the chance to meet, I am trying to revitalize the group.

So — for those members or wannabees of the famous fun-loving “brunchies” interested in a reunion, contact me, your “fearless leader,” Fred Levine. Email  or call me at (201) 797-3014. If you leave your name, email address, and phone number, I will reply promptly.

Fred Levine
Fair Lawn

Thank you, Englewood Hospital

What a wonderful cover story about Englewood Hospital and Medical Center (“Treating the whole patient,” December 25).

Given the longevity of life today, how lucky we are to have a hospital in our own backyard that concerns itself with providing a healthier and better life. To combine Eastern and Western medicine that covers integrated medicine and learning about the Graf Center, we owe a big thanks to the work of Jennifer and David Graf for their humanism.

A big thank you to Dr. Steven Brower for not only his studies and research, but more importantly for his compassion and caring for the patients in the Cancer Center. Also a big thank you to President Warren Geller for the beautiful new departments and current technology, and to the hospital’s outstanding physicians and nurses.

I am fortunate to have my doctors affiliated with Englewood Hospital and they are all outstanding in their specialized fields. A big cheer to the caring physicians and nurses.

Grace Jacobs
Cliffside Park

Israel’s gun laws

The Second Amendment insures the right of American citizens to possess and carry firearms. However, the founders did not envision the inclusion of heavy weapons of war within this right. They spoke of the necessity of “well regulated” militias being armed so as to protect states from (potentially) oppressive central government. They also recognized the right of home owners to protect their property and families.

To my understanding the Constitution does not promote easy and unlimited access to heavy military type weapons of great destructive power. I believe that the USA should study the system used by Israel.

Many Israeli citizens legally own and carry firearms. They are limited to one handgun per person. They are required to undergo extensive physical and mental (psychometric) testing. They must pass rigorous training, repeated at intervals, in order to demonstrate necessary skill. Of course, they must demonstrate legitimate need.

It occurs to me that Americans have continued to retain the mindset of “pioneers” as if we were still living in the Old West and possessing firearms was a indication of manhood as well as safety.

Jerrold Terdiman M.D.
Woodcliff Lake

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