Harassment at the Kotel must stop

I was so disgusted to read about charedi Orthodox protestors at the Western Wall.  This is not the first time I have heard about it,  but each time I hear this type of story, I feel angrier than I did the previous time.  It is unfortunate that these people, who believe that they are the only true Jews, harass other Jews, call them vulgar names, throw rocks and  try to drown them out while they pray.  The non-Orthodox people, whatever their beliefs,  have just as much right to pray at the wall as anyone else.  Antisemitism is on the rise, or perhaps just more out in the open, all over the world.  Yet in the only Jewish state in the world, where all Jews should be able to truly feel at home, people are being harassed because of their personal beliefs.

The protesters need to be taken to task and charged with harassment. The parents of the young brats who declare “I am a minor” should be held accountable.  The charedim need to stay in their own lane if they don’t like how other people  choose to observe Judaism.

Perhaps groups of non-charedi protestors should go into Bnei Brak and other charedi enclaves. They don’t need to do anything,  just  walk around in their un-Orthodox clothing, men and women intermingling as they walk through.  Maybe even some singing and dancing.

Enough is enough.  These harassers need to cease their antisemetic behavior or pay, either in fines, or jail time if they are violent toward others. The Israeli government needs to  step up and stop this before someone is physically hurt.

Amy Chartoff

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