Why we should love Trump

This is the season of renewal. We take stock of where we have been and try to improve our lives and relationships going forward. We also must atone for any offenses we have committed. To that last point I must say that practically every time I read your paper I am offended by the constant trash Trump articles you publish. It would be a different story, literally and figuratively, if you would present both sides of a story. But you don’t. Let’s take this article (“Trump’s ‘Democratic savages’ tweet singles out Nadler, Schiff, and four members of the Squad,” October 4). It would have been nice for you to have mentioned the 40-year vendetta that Mr. Nadler has had with President Trump. That, alone, should have precluded him from anything to do with investigating Trump as a function of a conflict of interest. Or what about Adam Schiff? For over two years we have been subjected to the constant declarations by Schiff of irrefutable proof that Trump colluded with Russia. Such proof was never provided (because it doesn’t exist) and Trump was cleared of collusion by no fewer than four different investigations. Now Schiff is working to impeach Trump. Schiff again lied to us by declaring that neither he nor his office was in contact with the whistleblower before the complaint came out. He and his office was in contact. As far as AOC is concerned, she has misspoke and was wrong so many times as to wonder what kind of education she received. None of this matters, though, because according to AOC, the world will end in 12 years.

As far as the above is concerned, a little research on the part of the author would have been the least to expect from this article and all the others of the same ilk.

As far as Trump singling out Jews is concerned. I am deeply ashamed each and every time any Democratic Jew in Congress opens their mouth. The one exception is Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Republican. All the Democratic Jews have stayed silent when Rep. Omar spouted her virulent anti-Semitic remarks. In fact they couldn’t even bring themselves to condemn her. They support Rep Tlaib, who along with Rep Omar, has strong affiliations with anti-Semitic groups. Not one Democratic Jew in Congress attended the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. Now, we have Senator Chuck Schumer speaking to a J Street conference right alongside the PLO.

Again, this is the time for re-evaluation. In this new year I hope you will re-evaluate your extreme prejudice against our President, the only President who has actually walked the walk in his support of Jews, and the reality of what the Jews in Congress have become.

Iris Borman
Cliffside Park

Why we shouldn’t love Trump

In response to a letter commenting on Rabbi Engelmayer’s statement about the anti-Semitism prevalent in Donald Trump’s personality, obviously the letter-writer is being very naïve.

The Trumps do nothing unless it is expedient for them and beneficial to them. Just because Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism and Jared Kushner is Jewish, that does not mean that her father is not anti-Semitic.

Trump’s “whole-hearted” support of Israel meets his own agenda, making himself “great,” and it does not meet the agenda of Jews or of Israel.

The writer is obviously a blind follower of the dimwit and of the Republican Party. As a Democrat, I support a candidate if I feel they are worthy of the position they are seeking. I do not vote along party lines. Hashem gave humans brains with which to think, not to do things blindly or by rote.

I strongly suggest that Trump’s supporters take the blinders off their eyes and see him for what he truly is — anti-Semitic, a dictator out for his own glory, and to hell with the Jews or anyone else who might get in his way.

Everyone is always wrong except Donald J. Trump. Why can’t people continue to work for him? Why doesn’t he once accept the responsibility and say the “buck stops here,” to quote Harry Truman, instead of deflecting blame to others?

Stuart Goldsmith
Fort Lee

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